About FlyToMap

Our background is composed by GIS Experts and Software developers with several years of experience.
The mobile opportunity has been the right stimulus to decide to make our own business.
Our business is GPS mapping for outdoor activities like boating, fishing, hiking, hunting, etc..

Since 2008 FlyToMap's mission is to provide the best outdoor GPS mapping at the best possible price.
Flytomap allows the inexperienced user to fly over a cartographic viewer, and feel the beauty of advanced detailed
maps simply with your phone, so this series of products are the best if you like hiking,fishing, Boating, kayaking and sailing.

This high quality product is sold at a competitive price, simply compare the price on app-store.

Yesterday and still today GPS mapping was for expensive GPS devices using separate cartography
media (the whole USA map price is around $ 200 for a digital nautical product).

Today with FlyToMap you can load on your mobile the whole USA digital nautical charts for just $ 9.99

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